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Since 1998 working within market research with small and medium businesses in GTA and now entering Quebec.

Gamifying our customer service department was the best thing we’ve ever done.
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Areas of expertise

Every small business needs restructuring to support exponential growth. We have the expertise to help you on this difficult path.
Keeping Talents
The greatest difficulty for small and medium-sized companies in the last decade was to maintain their great talents. There are several artifacts that can be used for your employees to make careers within your company.
Market Research
The Internet has allowed large companies to use people’s free time to obtain precious information, financially rewarding those who participate in the program.

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Sales Partner

We are looking for a professional with more than 5 years of experience in market research sales to help us to sale our solutions. If you believe to be such a professional, and that you can be influential in optimizing stakeholder collaboration. click the button below to apply.

Market Research Assistant

We are constantly looking for new people to participate in our market research platform. We directly serve several large companies and pay for completed tasks. Our program has limited space. If you are not selected, we will refer you to other opportunities. Click below to apply.
About WantANewCareer

What would creating wonderful hires each time

do for your business? It’s referred to as Profit!

What We Do

As a business owner, you simply want a great staff–right? You want committed staff who show up on time… are happy, effective, productive, get along with others and make your life easier and richer, yes?

In short, we tend to build the correct hiring and structure performance choices to run your business!

Right now with such high state, you’ve got a larger selection regarding WHO you hire. the odds are stacked in your favour. thus … WHO can you hire? What key data can you utilize to choose WHO can succeed and WHO can underperform – before you create that hiring decision?


Answering these crucial queries is why our team has perfect a singular system to assist you and your hiring managers build nice hiring choices.


This is not a temperament or behavioral assessment. it’s not a Kolbe, DISC, Meyers Briggs or others you’ve got possible experience in the past.


With our method can higher perceive a way to manage workers and grasp specifically what every worker has to perform higher, in any role… and you’ll undoubtedly get pleasure from the results.


Our processes are innovative tools that measure however folks suppose to think and make choices – the key to their performance. instead of a personality assessment, this can be a PERFORMANCE Profile.

Revealing the thinking process and biases that drive the main target, judgment and actions that are actually making the results you’re looking for.

Ready to hire our services?

Yes, I want to understand a way to quickly and accurately predict the duty performance of potential candidates and the way my current workers perform. Contact us to see a trial so you can evaluate the results and let’s speak live before you waste additional hiring bucks, lose additional revenues and continue acting below my potential.